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Um, Disneyland's Opening Day In 1955 Sounds Like It Was A Dystopian Hell

It was basically the Fyre Festival of 1955.

Disney Parks have a reputation for presenting themselves as perfect, flawless places where nothing could ever possibly go wrong.

But it turns out, Disneyland was decidedly not the happiest place on earth on its opening day, July 17, 1955*. In fact, it sounds like the kind of hellscape that would have made me angrier than if I got tricked into going on the Mad Tea Party.

1. So what was so bad about it? For starters, the park just wasn't finished, plain and simple.

2. That also means that basically no rides were open.

3. Oh and, thanks to counterfeit tickets, double the number of invited guests showed up to the still-under-construction park.

4. When people did make it inside the gates, they were greeted by these nightmare-inducing Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes.

5. The asphalt on Main Street, which had been poured that morning, was still so wet that women's heels sank into it and got stuck.

6. The temperature got up to 100 degrees, which was made worse because there were no water fountains anywhere.

7. On top of that, concession stands ran out of food and drinks by lunchtime.

8. People were peeing everywhere, and Disney was shockingly chill about it.

9. And to top it all off, Sleeping Beauty Castle caught on fire.

So there you have it! The next time you're moaning about the heat and humidity while waiting to ride the Matterhorn among one trillion choir groups on spring break, remember how good you have it.