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    Posted on Jul 27, 2017

    Welp, Turns Out Larry David And Bernie Sanders Actually ARE Related

    That's pretty, pretty, pretty, cool!

    Larry David.

    Michael Loccisano

    Bernie Sanders.

    Adam Bettcher / Getty Images

    Larry Sanders???? Bernie David???


    It's no secret that these two fellas look — and sound — almost exactly alike, and honestly, I sometimes had trouble telling them apart when David was playing Sanders on Saturday Night Live last year.



    Well, in news that should surprise exactly no one, David recently discovered that he is, in fact, related to his political doppelgänger. David said at a Television Critics Association event on Wednesday that Sanders is a "third cousin or something."

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    The comedian discovered their relatively close relation while filming an episode of the PBS series Finding Your Roots.

    “I was very happy about that,” David said. “I thought there must have been some connection.” UM, US TOO, LAR.


    To quote David, the news is pretty, pretty, pretty good.


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