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    Posted on Dec 19, 2017

    Trump Finally Joined Disney World's Hall Of Presidents, And Hoo Boy, It Is Bad

    Guys? Guys.

    Disney World's Hall of Presidents, aka the attraction you go to when it's 90 degrees and 99% humidity, just got a new addition this week.

    That's right! President Trump's long-awaited animatronic is here, and guys? It's, er, different than we probably expected.

    Twitter: @WDWNT

    The attraction reopened on Dec. 19 after a year of renovations, which included adding the new Trump animatronic.

    I...sir? Is everything alright in there?

    Twitter: @WDWNT

    Andrew Johnson in the background there is not having it.

    There's a striking resemblance to Jon Voight, for starters.

    Like, the biopic of Trump's presidency just cast itself.

    This person saw a few more old white folks mixed in there.

    It basically looks like death warmed over, re-frozen, and then grilled.

    None of the other presidents seem to be pleased about his presence — not even old James Buchanan over there.

    Twitter: @goldengateblond

    Although Trump actually makes Buchanan look good, TBH.

    Even the Trumpbot doesn't look happy with its visage.

    Although in some ways it actually looks pretty accurate.

    I mean, it does seem to embody many peoples' sentiments...

    Oh, and in case you were hoping to get up close and personal with any of the presidents, there will be none of that nonsense.

    Here it is in motion, so you can really grasp its essence.

    Twitter: @ScottGustin

    And you can watch a whole video of it here.

    Have a good day!!!!

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