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    This Guy Decorated An Entire Subway Car To Propose To His Girlfriend

    And to think people get smug about snagging a seat.

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    Subway line 2 in Xi'an, China, doesn't normally look like this.

    Courtesy of Wang Yin

    Like any other train, it's usually wrapped in local advertisements, not these special messages.

    On the week of Oct. 24, though, the signs helped Wang Yin propose to his girlfriend, Zhang Tingting.

    Courtesy of Wang Yin
    Courtesy of Wang Ting

    Wang proposed that week by leading Zhang onto the car, where about a dozen of their friends were already waiting.

    "It's not easy to get onto this particular coach," he told BuzzFeed Life. "I called the subway company many times to confirm so that she wouldn't miss the right one."

    To make sure Zhang boarded the right car without suspecting anything, Wang told her a friend on the train had something for them.

    Once she realized what was going on, Wang proposed with the help of a ring and 108 roses.

    Courtesy of Wang Yin

    The rest of the car was filled with regular commuters, who got to witness the romantic moment.

    Wang chose a subway proposal because the two had joked about it in the past.

    Courtesy of Wang Yin

    When they first started dating, there were no trains in their city. He contacted the subway company's advertising agency and made a 5-day contract for the special ads. He told BuzzFeed Life that Zhang usually drives to work, so he wasn't worried about the plan getting exposed.

    The two have been together for less than a year but, "this is just my way. If I feel right I'll do it," Wang said.

    Courtesy of Wang Yin

    They plan to get married next summer.