23 Times Corinne Was The Best And Worst "Bachelor" Contestant Ever

    "Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps. Why am I getting in trouble for napping?"

    1. When she made a real splash during her first appearance in true Elle Woods style.

    2. When she got everything off her chest in the pool with Nick.

    3. And took it really, really seriously.

    4. When she wasn't the center attention for once, and was very unhappy about it.

    5. When she sat out a rose ceremony to get some beauty sleep.

    6. And didn't feel sorry at all for it.

    7. She actually defended her behavior by comparing herself to Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln.

    8. When she used the old whipped cream and trench coat seduction tactic.

    9. When she casually told the other contestants the truth about Raquel.

    10. And later seemed surprised that they said she had a nanny.

    11. But either way, she gave us the enduring concept of cheese pasta.

    12. When she channeled her inner Ivanka Trump.

    13. When she insisted she was mature, and used her breasts as proof.

    14. And offered more evidence of her maturity by referencing her father's company.

    15. When she'd had it up to here with the farm date.

    16. When she took Nick into a bouncy house for a rollicking good time.

    17. When she didn't care for Taylor interrupting her interruption.

    18. When she and Josephine plotted Taylor's demise as they ate all the hors d'oeuvres.

    19. When she was pissed about her two-on-one date in a swamp.

    20. When she gleefully stroked a voodoo doll that definitely wasn't supposed to represent Taylor, nope, no way.

    21. When she, uh, ate her rose.

    22. When she took Nick on a...shopping spree...during her hometown date.

    23. And finally, when she gave us an anatomy lesson we'll never forget.