This Studying Trend Will Either Inspire You Or Stress You The F Out

    Studyblr is equal parts beautiful and maddening.

    1. The latest school year is well under way, which means there's a fresh round of awe-inspiring studyblr photos hitting the interwebs.

    2. Studyblr, for those who don't know, is a Tumblr blog category dedicated to studying and note-taking aesthetics.

    3. It can encompass anything related to school, like having really, really, ridiculously good handwriting...

    4. ...or experimenting with new styles of handwriting...

    5. ...or possessing da Vinci levels of drawing skills.

    6. It's also a great resource for finding ways to take clear, organized notes that make sense and look pretty.

    7. Some people take color coordination to jaw-dropping levels.

    8. Others like to mix it up with a variety of marker and pen colors.

    9. A healthy amount of washi tape and other supplies can definitely come in handy, too.

    10. And some broaden the definition to include study setups that are actual goals.

    11. The beauty of studyblr is that it makes studying exciting even when you're staring midterms in the eye.

    12. And it encourages creativity even in the most boring of subjects.

    13. Not to mention organization.

    14. Plus, paying so much attention to what you're writing down might actually help you remember it better.

    15. It can also be a little — gasp — fun!

    16. Most importantly, it's just insanely pretty to look at.

    17. It really just soothes the soul.

    18. Ahhhhh.

    19. So whether you're currently studying...

    20. ...or just longing for the days of school (read: fresh ink and pens)...

    21. ...there's a probably gorgeous studyblr photo or blog out there for you.