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This Couple Told Their Love Story Through Legos And It's Ridiculously Cute

Everything is awesome.

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Animator Kevin Ulrich found an adorable way to tell his and his fiancé Celina Frenn's love story — with Legos, and in less than 73 seconds.

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"I wanted to do a Lego video of my love story to surprise Celina," Kevin told BuzzFeed.

Kevin Ulrich

His Lego expertise is a time-honed skill — he's been making Lego videos of his own for years, and the Lego Group had him do work for their Hobbit toys in 2013.


His talents paid off in spades. The video starts with Lego Celina dazzling Lego Kevin with her enthusiasm for swords and Lord of the Rings, right after Kevin vows not to date a coworker.

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The couple met at a media company two years ago when Celina started working as an intern. "Her dad was one of our clients, and he and I did not get along very well, so I had a double reason for not wanting to ask her out," Kevin said. "But eventually I came to realize I would never find another girl like her, and the complications were worth the effort. Now we are no longer coworkers, and her dad and I are good friends."

They hung out as friends, bonding over things like Disneyland and Harry Potter, which as the video shows, made Kevin realize that, "Dang it, she's perfect."

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"The first six months of knowing each other was characterized by signs indicating that we should be together, and me staunchly resisting those signs because of bad experiences in the past. Eventually I caved and said, 'You're worth the risk.'"

And yes, lots of Harry Potter.

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"Obviously a 73-second video can't really sum up a two-year relationship," Kevin said. "But both myself and our friends and family feel it does a great job at painting a charming cute little picture of what our love story looks and feels like."

Actually surprising Celina turned out to be one of the hardest parts of the whole project.

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“I rent the office right next to hers, so I had no opportunity to make the video without her finding out," Kevin said. “In the weeks leading up to our wedding, Celina started asking about a video saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you did a Lego video about us? You don’t have to. But if you wanted to I would love it!’ So I spilled the beans and told her I had been planning to, but had no way of keeping it a surprise. I told her to trust me and that she would like the final product. And she did. She loved it.”

Their Apr. 17 wedding will be light on the nerd references, Kevin said. "Nerd culture defines our hobbies and our careers, but we made the decision not to let it define our married life."

Kevin Ulrich

Still, "There are some fun little references we will be having. Our first dance will be 'At Last I See The Light,' a Disney song, and the last song of the night will be 'Everything is Awesome!' from The Lego Movie, but we've chosen to keep it subtle and go for classy more than nerdy. After all, we have the rest of our lives to be nerdy together."