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This Kid On The Spelling Bee Basically Dropped The Fucking Mic, And It Was Iconic

Mogollon? No problem for Shourav.

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All of the finalists were incredibly bright teens who we'll probably all work for someday, but one stood out above everyone else — Shourav Dasari.

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That's him on the right, filing through his mental Rolodex of, oh, EVERY SINGLE WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

Now, most of the competitors ask the judge for a word's definition, language of origin, part of speech, and alternate pronunciations — sometimes multiple times! — before even attempting to spell the word, like such:

But not our Shourav. When he got into the final four, the judges handed him the word "mogollon," and needless to say, he didn't need a stupid definition. Watch and witness greatness:


Shourav, walking into school after nuking "Mogollon." #spellingbee

When you already know the word mogollon,, like kanye #spellingbee



shourav just stepped out here and IMMEDIATELY spelled "mogollon" didn't even ask for an origin, definition, or a pa…