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    This "Flower Grandpa" Is The Cutest Thing You Will See Today

    Every wedding should have one.

    Jennifer Briskin has always been close with her grandfather Stanley, so for her Oct. 1 wedding to Austin Tansantisuk, she included him in a special way: she had him serve as her flower girl.

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    "I always knew that I wanted him to play a special part in my wedding," Briskin told BuzzFeed. "I walk around a nearby park with him every Sunday where we enjoy talking about the stock market, his days as a popular DJ in Savannah, and Fitbit. We have a Fitbit step competition every week which he is very enthusiastic about!"

    "In thinking about the typical roles of a wedding, I couldn't shake the idea of him walking down the aisle throwing flowers like a flower girl. I joked with him that I wanted him to be my 'Flower Grandpa,' and the idea stuck!"

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    Briskin popped the question, so to speak, with a customized handkerchief that she presented to her 85-year-old grandfather a few months before her wedding.

    Jennifer Briskin

    "He was worried that he wasn’t up for the task, but I assured him that if two-year-olds can do it, he could figure it out," Briskin said. "He insisted on practicing before the big day so my sister Allison, my maid of honor, bought a pumpkin bucket and fake leaves from the dollar store and they practiced on his driveway."

    Despite all his practice, Stanley forgot what to do when his big moment arrived.

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    "Instead of throwing the petals down the aisle, he ended up throwing them at our guests, which made the whole thing even funnier," Briskin said.

    Stanley's involvement was a surprise for all of their guests, and needless to say, they were all delighted to see him.

    "From the second he stepped out of the doors, I heard constant laughter," Briskin said. "Papa was like a celebrity at the reception. Everyone wanted a moment with the man of the hour, and he could not have been more proud of himself. He still enjoys talking about all of the guests' reaction to his big moment."

    Even Briskin's husband, who was in on the secret, was visibly touched.

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    "He truly did not believe that Papa would go through with it until he saw him walk down the aisle."

    "I am so lucky to have a grandfather who was able to walk down the aisle at my wedding," Briskin said.

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    "I am even luckier that he loves me so much that he would go along with my crazy ideas!"