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This Couple Waited 70 Years To Take Their Wedding Photos

And they were definitely worth waiting for.

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When Ferris and Margaret Romaire got married on Nov. 24 1946, they kept things simple. They had a 15-minute ceremony and a reception at Margaret's parents' home. The only problem? No one had a camera, so there are no photos of the special day.

Lara Carter Photography / Via

The high school sweethearts tied the knot six months after Ferris returned home from serving in World War II. Now, Margaret is 89 and Ferris is 90.

A whopping 70 years later, their granddaughter Amanda Kleckley decided to give them the one thing their long marriage couldn't produce — wedding photos — and the result is a truly adorable snapshot of love.


The ridiculously cute Romaires divulged some of the secrets to their wedded success to Carter during the shoot.

Lara Carter Photography / Via

"Ferris said that 'giving each other space and respecting one another' was important, as is remembering to 'admit when you are wrong, except that Margaret is never wrong!'" Carter said. "Margaret said that saying sorry and compromising are key."

They now have four children, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren, and the Romaires still live in the home they built for their family in Morgan City, Louisiana, 65 years ago.

Lara Carter Photography / Via

"They didn’t have lots of money, but they had lots of shared values ― the love of children, a good work ethic, a strong faith in God, and a sense of humor," Carter said. "A simple life has helped to contribute to their good relationship and good health in these later years."