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This Airbrushed Wedding Dress Is Going To Take Over Your Pinterest Feed

It has all of the colors of the sunset and it's so beautiful.

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Linko, an artist, purchased the traditional lacy gown secondhand at a bridal shop, and pretty quickly set about figuring out how to add a much-needed splash of color.

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"When I said I was going to paint my wedding dress, I was surprised no one tried to steal all my paint and hide it until after the big day," Linko wrote in a blog post. "But white is not allowed in my I had to. Really, I think it has just gotten to that point where people know the art in me cannot be contained. Color color color!!! EVERYTHING!"


Linko told BuzzFeed it took her a week to customize her dress. She decided on a "sunset" color scheme, and dyed her hair to match.

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"Picking a sunset as a theme was basically just my excuse to have a bunch of colors," she said.

The process of making it involved a good deal of trial and error, all of which Linko chronicled on her blog.

At first, she planned to stitch dyed pieces of lace to the dress, but that didn't go as she envisioned. "As I laid it on the dress, it just did not look how I wanted. Instead of a fade from one color to the next, it just looked like patchy flowers that were messy and hard to even see," she wrote.

She experimented with colorful tulle, puffy paint, and fabric dyes before she picked up her airbrush in a moment of desperation. "I was fed up with all these tests and fails, so I just took my airbrush I had been using to get nice fades of color on the flowers and just sprayed it, and kept spraying it more and more. All in all, it was about three layers of paint on each layer of fabric and even on the inside of the lace edge."


Linko and her husband Christopher coordinated their bridal party to go along with the color palette.

And they looked pretty darn cute together, too.

Posts on Linko's and her photographer James Tang's Instagrams have recently garnered a ton of attention, with many saying her gown is a sign of a new "dip-dyed wedding dress" trend, though Linko clarified that it wasn't dip-dyed, like many assume.

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"People think most fabric color fades are dip-dyed," Linko said. "I really hope people do good research before attempting this, because dip dye won't get you the same results. I'm not just a crafty bride, I'm a professional artist with experience in lots of different mediums. It took lots of testing before getting the colors I wanted."

"Crafty bride" is actually a perfect description for Linko: She made centerpieces from clay, handmade all her flower arrangements, and created her own wedding invitations.

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"I did my own makeup and bleached and colored my hair to match. Basically anything I could DIY I did," she said.