These Stunning Wedding Photos Will Actually Make Your Jaw Drop

They’re worth way more than a thousand words.

1. Four times a year, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers awards wedding photos in over 20 unique categories, from “Wedding Details” to “Humor.”

Raphael Ranosi

The members-only organization just released the full list of first-place winners in each category, and they are all shockingly gorgeous. This is a winner from the Movement and Motion category.

2. This candid picture of a bride and her family touching up their makeup won the “Getting Ready” category.

Raman El Atiaoui

3. This dog high-fiving a bride was an obvious winner.

Andrea Cittadini Photography

It won for “Decisive Moment.”

4. This mesmerizing overhead shot took the top prize in “Framing The Subject.”

Helene Havard

5. This bride’s sweet wedding dance packed an emotional wallop.

Tom Harmon Photography

It won the “Emotional Impact” award.

6. This unique shot of bridesmaids throwing their shoes in the air was a winning entry in the “Bridal Party Portrait” category.

Victor Lax

7. This awesome, unusual photo of the bride and groom’s wedding rings won for “Wedding Details”.

Vladimir Propp / Via Vladimir & Julia Propp photography

8. This dazzling bridal portrait shows the importance of good lighting.

Ken Pak

It placed first in “All About Light.”

9. This touching, emotional moment won the “Family Love” category.

Nicola Nesi Fotografo

10. And this hilarious photo bomb ruled the “Humor” contest.

Ken Pak

11. All of the winners and categories can be seen here.

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