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Holy Crap, These Instagrams Are Ridiculously Relatable

You'll feel understood like never before.

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They're made by Mari Andrew, and they center on her favorite topics: feminist issues, the joy of being single, and the perils and triumphs of the creative life — and sometimes, all of those things combined.

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She posts a new drawing every day and has been doing so since last September.


"I was going through a time of feeling pretty depressed and directionless after really tough year and a great struggle to find 'my thing.' I thought that having a consistent creative hobby would help me focus and be more positive, and drawing/painting seemed like such a calming thing to do," she told BuzzFeed News.

"I'm never happier than when I'm drawing and painting in the mornings. I'm almost done with my year of daily illustrations but now I have to continue — it's such a major part of my life!"

"All of my ideas are from personal experience," Andrew said. "It's tremendously self-centered."

Mari Andrew / Via

Much of it centers on dating and relationships. "My Instagram feed is basically my memoir of the past year. Every guy I've dated can find himself in there somewhere," she said.


"I often draw/post in real time, so usually, when you see a comic about a breakup, you can infer that I just went through one the day before," she said. "It's like the Taylor Swift model of Instagram illustration."

Showing the unappreciated highlights of being single is particularly enjoyable for Andrew, who's been happily unattached for two years.

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"I have a very happy, love-filled, fun life, but a lot of people still see single women as depressed and lonely," she said. "Dating can be rough — it's my best source of creative material — but I have a great time being single and I want to encourage others to embrace their freedom as well, and not think they are less valuable or less loved for not having a partner."

"I'm open about my ambivalence toward love (because I am a hopeless romantic), but I really want our culture to catch on to the secret amazing world of being single," Andrew said.

Mari Andrew / Via

"I just saw an article the other day called 'Can Single People Be Happy?' and I was so appalled," she said. "What could possibly be sad about having freedom and time and space and money to yourself? I laughed and cried at that headline; it was so offensive and ridiculous. Yes, single people can be happy. I often wonder if I could be happy in a relationship."

In addition to her daily drawings and commissions from clients, Andrew is hoping to publish her first book, an illustrated memoir of her twenties.

Mari Andrew / Via

"It's the story of the past couple years of my life and the literal and metaphorical journeys I took during that time: solo travels, big moves between cities, and navigating my father's death and a particularly painful breakup," she said, noting that she has not yet found a publisher.