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These Disney Princess Engagement Photos Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Fairy tales are real, y'all.

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Both women are massive fans of Once Upon a Time, a show that initially brought them together in the first place.

Sun & Moon Photography / Via Facebook: Erinsunmoonphotography

"We've bonded over that show since the beginning of our relationship," Kayla told BuzzFeed News. "That show rewrites fairy tales and this was our modern-day fairy tale."

The couple, who met in 2014, took their enchanted engagement photos at Romantic Moon Events Center in Glyndon, Minnesota, on June 29.


The couple said choosing which princesses to dress as was easy. Cinderella was Yalonda's favorite princess when she was little and Kayla chose Belle because she was obsessed with Beauty and the Beast as a child.

Sun & Moon Photography / Via Facebook: Erinsunmoonphotography

"Yalonda also has the blonde hair/blue eyes to pull off the look so that was an easy choice for her!" Kayla added.

A little online sleuthing brought them their actual costumes and props, which were key in making the whole thing look extra special.

Sun & Moon Photography / Via Facebook: Erinsunmoonphotography

The Cinderella dress, gloves, and necklace are from Amazon, and the Belle dress came from eBay, Kayla said.

Yalonda DIYed the "glass slipper" by hot gluing gems to a regular white heel and then spray-painting it with glitter spray so it shined like glass.

All of their effort was worth it, because their pictures definitively prove love is real.

Sun & Moon Photography / Via Facebook: Erinsunmoonphotography

"It felt truly amazing, almost like a dream," Kayla said of taking the photos. "I had my real-life princess and true love by my side."

The best part? Their equally delightful September wedding was also rustic fairy tale–themed.

Sun & Moon Photography / Via Facebook: Erinsunmoonphotography

"Our wedding cake was a three tier and the top portion was shaped like a pillow with a glass slipper as the topper," Kayla said. "We had a photo booth with a castle backdrop, along with prince and princess crowns and fake swords for props. The owner of our wedding venue made us a replica of Cogsworth, the clock from Beauty and the Beast, out of wood that stood by our head table."

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