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    Screw It, Let's All Go To This Island Where You Can Play With Rescue Puppies


    I'm not even going to bore you with a pithy little intro here, because 🚨 THERE IS AN ISLAND WHERE YOU CAN PLAY WITH ADORABLE RESCUE PUPPIES 🚨.

    It's true. Potcake Place, a dog rescue charity on the tiny Caribbean island of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, lets visitors bring puppies to nearby beaches to help them learn how to socialize with people before they go to their forever homes.

    Jane Parker-Rauw founded Potcake Place in 1997 after noticing how many puppies were roaming around the island. The shelter now helps more than 500 of them get adopted every year.

    But since many of the pups were wary around people, she decided in 2010 to let locals and tourists hang out with them for a few hours every day on "puppy socialization walks."

    The walks are only done with dogs who have been vaccinated and dewormed.

    Lucky visitors can take the dogs to the beach in the morning before the sand gets too hot so they can frolic, splash around, and get comfortable around humans.

    Potcake Place provides a puppy beach bag for each pup that contains a bowl, a bottle of water, some toys, a bag of puppy treats and a roll of poop bags. "All puppies wear a harness, as well as a collar, for these walks, and of course, a leash which must remain on at all times," Parker-Rauw said. "People are told to make sure that the puppy is in the shade and does not get too hot, pick up all puppy poop, only give the approved treats that we provide, and see that the dog can't tug at the leash."

    And, it turns out, her idea was a good one. "We have found these short puppy excursions to be invaluable to the puppy's development," she told BuzzFeed.

    "These short interactions with nice people both in and out of the adoption center really help to give them confidence that yes, most people really are good. We have seen hundreds of times a very shy puppy just excel and develop over a short time this way. It's lovely."

    Unsurprisingly, the demand for a walk can get high in busy tourist seasons.

    "Some days, we will have people lining up over two hours before we open to be able to get the chance to take a puppy out for a couple of hours. Other times of the year people can just walk in at opening time and be in luck," Parker-Rauw said.

    And even though it looks like a fun tourist activity, Parker-Rauw emphasizes that the walks are more than just an Instagram opportunity.

    "We want people to understand that this is not an excursion and that we are doing it solely for the benefit of the puppy," she said. "Please be understanding if either no pups are available or if the one that you want is not."