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    The New "Bachelor" Cast Is Here, And It's Spectacular

    Nick Viall's journey to find love begins on Jan. 2.

    On Jan. 2, Bachelor franchise legend Nick Viall will finally get his chance to pick a wife from a pool of 25 women on national TV.

    It's been a long road for Nick, and ABC's been teasing an epic season for the 36-year-old franchise veteran.

    HERE. IT. IS. Your first look at this season of #TheBachelor!

    Viall's been in the final two in two different seasons of The Bachelorette, only to be rejected on the day he was set to propose. This summer, he also tried to find love on Bachelor in Paradise, and while he had a little more luck there, the siren sound of the coveted role of Bachelor called, and he answered.

    We still have a month until we start seeing how it all goes down, but today, ABC announced his lucky lady suitors, and boy are we in for a wild ride.

    Here are some other fun stats!

    Going through all of their profiles shows some interests and insight from the contestants. Some highlights:

    1. Alexis

    2. Angela

    3. Astrid

    4. Briana

    5. Brittany

    6. Christen

    7. Corinne

    8. Dominique

    9. Elizabeth "Liz"

    10. Ida Marie

    11. Jasmine B.

    12. Jasmine G.

    13. Josephine

    14. Kristina

    15. Lacey

    16. Lauren

    17. Rachel

    18. Sarah

    19. Susannah

    20. Vanessa

    TL;DR: This season is going to be amazing, and it needs to start ASAP.