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    14 Of The Most WTF Things That Happened On "The Bachelor" Last Night

    Nick really loves beignets, huh?

    Season 21 of The Bachelor is off and running! Each week, Terri β€” who has seen every episode of The Bachelor and the spinoffs β€” and Rachel β€” who is watching for the first time β€” will be recapping the latest episode of this epic season. Read the Episode 4 recap here.

    1. Corinne "right reasons"es Taylor.

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    The episode starts right in the thick of their "epic showdown," which honestly came out of nowhere. Some fights on this show simmer from the start, but in this case, it seems like the producers REALLY needed a foil for Corinne, and Taylor was β€” unfortunately for her β€” willing to take the heat. The two go back and forth talking in circles about "emotional intelligence" and "attitude," and for a while it isn't clear if they are even speaking English anymore. But then one line comes through loud and clear: Corinne accuses Taylor of "not being here for the right reasons." NO ONE should be shocked that Taylor eventually got sent home at the end of the episode, because saying that is akin to calling someone a witch in 1690s Salem.

    2. A contestant named Whitney appears out of nowhere to accept a rose.

    3. None of these women have ever seen the inside of a Marriott before, apparently.

    4. The producers try (and fail) to keep us in suspense about who will be going on the two-on-one date.

    5. Nick really likes Rachel... but not as much as he likes beignets.

    6. Rachel proves that she is perfect, and there's nothing bad to say about her.

    7. And the other women have to witness said perfection from the window of their hotel room.

    8. Rachel's dad is a federal judge, and Nick is not worthy.

    9. There was an extremely boring group date that involved ghosts.

    10. Roughly 99% of the contestants think Ouija boards actually work.

    11. Raven drops a love bomb on Nick.

    12. There was a delightfully un-subtle Beauty and the Beast tie-in.

    13. Corinne and Taylor's two-on-one date is about as bad as you'd expect it to be.

    14. Taylor participates in a "voodoo ceremony" and then crashes Corinne and Nick's dinner.

    Final thoughts:

    Terri: This episode could β€” and should β€” have been an hour long. And if I had it my way, that entire hour would have been Nick and Rachel's date. The haunted house date dragged on and on, and Taylor and Corinne's fight just seemed so random and overblown. Somehow, even with its two-hour runtime, the show never addressed that the haunted house was actually a plantation, nor did they give any kind of meaningful attention to voodoo. It's an important religion and culture, but they made it look like a part of Disney World's Jungle Cruise. I don't watch The Bachelor for educational purposes, mind you, but this was a hugely ignorant and self-serving episode that I really could have done without. I shake my head in shame when I think of all the Alexis gems they could have shown instead.

    Rachel: Fully agree on the assessment above. Also, I'm so deeply over Corinne. I get that the producers think she makes for good TV, but she's crossed from "ha ha ha is she SLEEPING? we are clearly being played here, but it's fine" into "oh my god, I'd rather just change the channel than listen to her drunkenly blather on about how great she is and how much everyone else sucks." Also, if you were following on Twitter, you probably know that the Sally Yates news broke literally just moments before Nick gave Corinne the date rose, which was a sort of surreal moment that I didn't much care for. On a lighter note, I cannot believe how emotionally invested I am in Nick and Rachel's relationship. I didn't know I could care this much about the fate of a reality TV couple!!!

    See you next week! 🌹🐊🌹