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    The Luckiest Couple Ever Got Photobombed By Tom Hanks At Their Wedding

    Tom Hanks needs an Oscar for being so wonderful.

    Old news: Tom Hanks is a goddamn national treasure who lights up every movie he's in and every room he walks into.

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    New news: Tom Hanks is also the most wonderful wedding photo crasher ever!

    Meg Miller Photography / Via

    Lucky newlyweds Elizabeth and Ryan, who chose not to disclose their last names, were taking wedding photos in Central Park on Sept. 24 when Forrest Gump himself strolled over and made the best day of their lives even better.

    Instagram: @megmillerphotography

    "He walked up to them unprovoked," their photographer Meg Miller told BuzzFeed. "Shock and excitement pretty much sum it up how we were all feeling in that moment. It was an exciting NYC moment for the couple and for me."

    According to Miller, Woody from Toy Story "could not have been more polite, friendly and excited for the couple."

    Meg Miller Photography / Via

    "I was happy we were in position and had the couple in good lighting for the big surprise," Miller said. "I just kept thinking I shouldn't stop clicking."

    The guy from The Da Vinci Code also took a selfie with the couple and even joked that he could perform their ceremony for them.

    Meg Miller Photography / Via

    They apparently turned down the offer, because reasons.

    Anyway, there's no way one of these photos won't get framed and hung in a prominent spot in the couple's home.

    Meg Miller Photography / Via

    Or, at least, they better: He was deserted on an island where his only friend was a volleyball, and his cargo ship was overtaken by pirates. The man's seen some shit.

    Hooch's sidekick in crime-solving posted a cute lil' tweet congratulating the couple after the glorious run-in.

    Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.

    We can only hope that Elizabeth and Ryan said "T. Hanks" for being so great.

    I'll let myself out.