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    Here's How To Wrap A Present Like An Actual Adult

    It's all about the creases, baby.

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    Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

    Wrapping presents is hard.

    Sometimes, it feels like no matter how exact your measurements are, you run out of paper.

    AKA the gift wrap gap.

    And if you're trying to wrap anything other than a rectangular box, like a vacuum? Forget about it.

    Since we're in the height of the gift-giving season, here's a simple, 11-step guide to getting perfectly wrapped presents, every time.

    1. Assemble your materials.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    All you need are scissors, tape, wrapping paper, a bow or some kind of festive frill (if you so desire), and, oh yeah, the present. It doesn't *have* to be wine glasses, but hey, we want to ensure happy recipients. If your gift isn't already in a box, see if you can find a gift box that will give you smooth edges. This will make wrapping it neatly much easier.

    Note: Use scissors that have only been used to cut paper, if you can. Sharp blades = clean-cut lines.

    2. Use the present to measure out how much wrapping paper you need.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    ~Rollin' with the homies.~

    But really, you start with the box on the edge of the paper, then roll it across so you can get the right amount of paper for each side.

    Make sure to cut a little more paper than what you measured out.

    Alvin Zhou / Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    That way, you won't run out of paper and run into the dreaded gift wrap gap.

    3. Fold about 3/4'' of paper and crease to ensure a smooth edge.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    Firm creasing is key at every step in the process. If you have trouble creasing with your fingers, try using a pen or the handles of your scissors for ~leverage~.

    4. Fold in each side, making sure to keep the paper as tight to the box as possible.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    Optional: You can tape this first side to the box if you're worried about anything shifting.

    Repeat with the other side.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    5. Pull the edges tight, crease the corners of your box a little bit, and pull tighter, then tape the two sides together.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    The important thing is to never stop creasing: so once you have the two sides taped, make sure your corners are sharp by creasing them with your fingers.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    Creased lightning, go creased lightning.

    Now, it's time to tackle the sides. Just like Thanksgiving dinner, the sides are the most important part.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    We'll break it down step by step, but here's a quick preview of what you're about to accomplish.

    6. Fold down top half of the paper so it's flush against the box.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    And crease that edge, of course.

    Crease the sides to form two wings.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    Creasing gives you wiiiiings.

    7. Fold in the first wing, creasing as you go.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    Make sure to fold the bottom part of the wing so that it forms a triangle.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    So that's a crease on the right edge of the box, a crease on the inside edge you fold in, and a crease on the new triangle that's now laying against the table. Literally any new fold you make: crease it.

    8. Fold in the second wing, crossing over the first and creasing along the bottom edge of box and bottom flap.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    9. You now have a bottom triangle! Fold that up, and the finished product should look kind of like an envelope.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    Tape, and crease, which you should know by now.

    10. Repeat steps 6-10 on the other side of the box.

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    11. Add whatever bows or ribbons you'd like, and voila!

    Alvin Zhou for BuzzFeed Life

    Congratulations!!! You wrapped a gift!


    You may have to wrap a few gifts to get everything ~just right~, but practice makes perfect!

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