This Actress Had An Insanely Beautiful $31 Million Wedding

    Ten-foot-tall cakes, holographic big deal.

    Remember Kim and Kanye's private, intimate wedding last year?

    Actress Angela Yeung, who goes by the stage name Angelababy, wanted nothing to do with that understated nonsense at her Oct. 8 wedding to Huang Xiaoming.

    Instead, they shelled out $31 million for one of the most lavish weddings in China's history.

    What did their $31 million get them? Holographic castles, a 10-foot-tall carousel-shaped wedding cake, and a cell phone as a favor for each of their 2,000 name a few details.

    The reception hall was decked out with flowers, chandeliers, purple uplighting, more monograms, and the aforementioned holographic castles.

    Yeung wore a stunning, long-sleeved wedding dress and carried a cascading white bouquet.

    Her husband looked pretty snazzy in his tux, too.

    But naturally, the pièce de résistance was that cake.

    Before the big day, Yeung showed off her blinding engagement ring.

    Congratulations, you beautiful people. You did it.