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    This Dress Is Made Completely Out Of Straw Hats, And I Am Speechless

    And it costs $3,050!!!

    Do you ever just sit back with a nice glass of wine straight from the box and ask yourself, "What is fashion?"

    "What is it but the highest form of self expression?"

    Christopher Kane / Far Fetch

    IF SO, HAVE I GOT A TREAT FOR YOU! Behold this truly never-before-seen creation, a dress made out of nothing but eight straw hats.

    The masterpiece was designed by French designer Jacquemus, and it's currently being sold for a mere $3,050.

    A bargain at twice the price!

    Because, it turns out, you erudite clotheshorse, that fashion is about looking like a collection of woven nipples.

    It is truly the fidget spinner of dresses.

    Oh, and don't worry, the dress is most definitely unlined, so fashion is also about feeling like you're being hugged by a bale of hay.

    So now you know what fashion is really about. And to anyone wondering, "But how do you pee in that?" I leave you with this:

    NBC / Via
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