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    This Dress Is Made Completely Out Of Straw Hats, And I Am Speechless

    And it costs $3,050!!!

    Do you ever just sit back with a nice glass of wine straight from the box and ask yourself, "What is fashion?"

    "What is it but the highest form of self expression?"

    IF SO, HAVE I GOT A TREAT FOR YOU! Behold this truly never-before-seen creation, a dress made out of nothing but eight straw hats.

    The masterpiece was designed by French designer Jacquemus, and it's currently being sold for a mere $3,050.

    Because, it turns out, you erudite clotheshorse, that fashion is about looking like a collection of woven nipples.

    Oh, and don't worry, the dress is most definitely unlined, so fashion is also about feeling like you're being hugged by a bale of hay.

    So now you know what fashion is really about. And to anyone wondering, "But how do you pee in that?" I leave you with this: