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    Here's Why Socks Are The Best Gift

    Plus, eight pairs of socks that are perfect presents.

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    As a youth, I groaned when my mom gave me socks as a present. But now, as a fully-fledged non-youth, I know the truth: socks are the best gift you can receive.

    Like a lot of adults, I've come to appreciate a practical gift as much as — if not more than — a frivolous one. I'll gladly accept a six-foot-long iPhone charging cord or a Squatty Potty any day, but the beauty of socks is that they can be practical, fun, and indulgent. They can be utilitarian, fashionable, or both! They can be blandly generic enough that you can give them to anyone, but they can get creative and cute enough that they can be the perfect present for a particular someone. There are so many varieties, and even better, so many good varieties. We're truly living in a golden age of socks, people!

    Since I can (and have) discuss the merits of a good sock at length, I rounded up some favorites of mine and my coworkers that are perfect last minute gifts for basically anyone (or just for yourself):

    1. These camp socks that are the sock embodiment of curling up next to the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate.

    2. These wool socks that are basically the gold standard in durable, warm footwear.

    3. These sassy, cute socks that double as a love note.

    4. These hiking socks that'll make even casual hikers want to get out in the woods.

    5. And these socks, which are a godsend for runners.

    6. These compression socks that are perfect for the nurse, athlete, pregnant person, or frequent traveler in your life.

    7. These very comfortable, very practical socks that also help a good cause.

    8. And these thick 'n fluffy socks that literally everyone will want to wear around the house 24/7.