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    A Sinkhole Appeared In Front Of Mar-A-Lago And The Jokes Are Basically Writing Themselves

    "Breaking: God sends really obvious sign."

    Hey, folks. This is Mar-a-Lago, President Trump's Florida estate, aka White House 2.0.

    Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

    Fancy-looking place, right? Well today, something...not so chill befell the auspicious seat of power. An honest-to-goodness sinkhole opened up DIRECTLY in front of the golf club/makeshift situation room.


    In case you're unfamiliar with sinkholes, they can be pretty scary.

    Associated Press / Via

    This one is actually pretty small — a traffic alert reportedly said it's only 4 feet by 4 feet — but still! Sinkholes are just giant, sudden HOLES in the fucking ground, and honestly, given the location, it's all a little too much for everyone right now.

    People on Twitter couldn't help but correlate it with Trump's recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

    Not to mention his subsequent jaunt over to Israel.

    They imagined what the president himself would say about the unseemly blemish on his property.

    It seemed like some kind of sign.

    A real gesture of sorts.

    It seemed to overshadow other ironic events of the day.

    Although...even irony was too weak of a concept for this, tbh.

    Either way, it's a hell of a hole.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

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