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22 Undeniable Reasons Sleepovers As A Kid Actually Sucked

Sleep-over it, amirite?

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1. Some people think sleeping at someone else's house is fun. You knew it to be a nightmare in disguise.

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2. Because playdates were fun and all, but once dusk turned to evening, you felt a sense of impending doom.

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3. For starters, forfeiting your comfortable bed for a cheap sleeping bag on a Berber carpet felt like a really harebrained idea.

4. Sure, maybe your friend had a trundle bed for you, but that's literally a glorified drawer.

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Good night! Definitely not afraid of being rolled under your bed in the middle of the night!

5. Or perhaps they actually did share or give you a real bed, but it was never as comfortable — or comforting — as snuggling up under your own sheets.

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6. Your friend's room definitely didn't have the nighttime ~vibe~ you needed — either they slept in pitch-black...or with all the lights on.

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Either way, it was all wrong.

7. Your friend probably had a different bedtime than you did, which just threw shit out of whack.

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8. You wouldn't bring your favorite stuffed animal or blankie because you didn't want to look like a baby — but you also couldn't fall asleep without it.

9. Sometimes, your friend had a pre-bedtime routine you had to participate in, like listening to a book on tape or praying.

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(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

10. Even though you were probably less than 10 miles from your house, the feeling of homesickness was real.

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11. Put all of that together, and it was basically impossible to fall asleep.

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12. Which sucked because because falling asleep after your friend was the worst, loneliest feeling in the whole world.

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Shout-out to everyone who cried after they thought their friend was sleeping.

13. Except, of course, for waking up before them and feeling like you were on an alien planet.

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14. If it was a sleepover party, you dreaded sleeping on the edge of the group.

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15. And at those sleepovers, you did not want to be the first one to fall asleep.

(Image from the esteemed WikiHow article "How to Prank at a Sleepover.")

(Image from the esteemed WikiHow article "How to Prank at a Sleepover.")

16. You regretted all the times you just wanted to get away from your family.

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17. In fact, you started missing stupid shit from home, like the way your parents tucked you in or that TV show they let you watch before going to bed.

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Friends' parents never allowed TV.

18. It didn't matter how nice your friend's family was, it just wasn't. the. same.

19. But if they had weird parents, it was a fucking hellscape.

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20. If you were really over it, you asked your friend's parents to call yours to tell them to come pick you up.

21. And if your parents indulged you like the anxious wimp you were — and, let's be real, still are — they'd agree to drive over at like 10 p.m. and come get you.

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22. Then, and only then, would you feel happy, free, and ready to go the fuck to sleep.

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