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22 Undeniable Reasons Sleepovers As A Kid Actually Sucked

Sleep-over it, amirite?

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4. Sure, maybe your friend had a trundle bed for you, but that's literally a glorified drawer.

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Good night! Definitely not afraid of being rolled under your bed in the middle of the night!


12. Which sucked because because falling asleep after your friend was the worst, loneliest feeling in the whole world.

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Shout-out to everyone who cried after they thought their friend was sleeping.


17. In fact, you started missing stupid shit from home, like the way your parents tucked you in or that TV show they let you watch before going to bed.


21. And if your parents indulged you like the anxious wimp you were — and, let's be real, still are — they'd agree to drive over at like 10 p.m. and come get you.


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