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    17 Ridiculously Stunning Showers That'll Wash Away Your Troubles

    Lather up!

    1. This blue-and-white tiling situation that probably just made you say, "Ahhhhhh."

    2. This waterfall shower that's even nicer than being in a real waterfall, if possible.

    3. This ultra cool shower that makes the most of angled ceilings.

    4. This dark shower with copper accents that still has plenty of light.

    5. This little section of black-and-white tiled heaven.

    6. This all-white one that's most certainly waiting for you in a luxury villa somewhere.

    7. This stone-lined stall that's soothing just to look at.

    8. This steel-framed gateway to cleanliness and godliness.

    9. This shower-bath combo that literally has it all — an exposed brick wall, a claw-foot tub, and so much room for a refreshing shower.

    10. This sublime marble on that'll be hard not to take 20-minute showers in.

    11. This one, which is so cool it definitely would've been featured on MTV Cribs.

    12. This dreamy butterfly tile work that looks straight out of an art museum.

    13. This one that proves fancy showers don't have to have glass doors.

    14. This one that's like a mystical enchanted garden that came to life and turned into a shower.

    15. This mesmerizing tiled shower.

    16. This simple, yet striking shower stall.

    17. And this unbelievable indoors-meets-outdoors glassed-in shower.