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    This Guy Proposed With A Custom Super Mario Brothers-Style Video Game

    Mama mia!

    Austin Piech fully admits that his fiancée Lauren Woodrick is the more tech-savvy half of their coupling.

    Austin Piech

    Woodrick is a front-end developer who codes for a living, while Piech works in marketing and "cobbles things together on the side," he told BuzzFeed Life.

    Even so, they game together pretty frequently, favoring big open world games like Fallout and Dragon Age or shooters like Bioshock or Wolfenstein. "One of us will be playing, the other will be on the couch, watching or coaching," Piech said. "We’ll switch off pretty frequently, Lauren tends to be better at puzzles and exploration, I’m a little better at action sequences."

    Before Piech proposed in June, he decided to pop the question by creating the ultimate video game — one that went through every stage of their relationship.

    Austin Piech / Via

    Piech estimates he spent about 100 hours in total on the creation process and about 30 hours directly on the final game, using an engine called Stencyl. He called the finished game “Lolo’s Bizarre Adventure" after her nickname, and once it was ready, asked her to test it for him.

    Every level told the story of a memorable moment from their relationship.

    Austin Piech

    The first level was loosely based on Bockfest, a beer and goat festival in Cincinnati, where Piech first gave Woodrick his number. He introduced every level with a classic, black-and-white screen like this.

    "Lolo, carefully avoiding the bottomless potholes in Cincinnati's streets, didn't know that Bockfest would change her life forever!" the first one said.

    Level two commemorated their first date at a local pizza place.

    Austin Piech

    "Every good platformer needs goombas to squash," Piech captioned his Imgur post.

    On level three, the game revisited their first road trip together, to Piech's hometown in Indiana.

    Austin Piech

    The couple hit the road to Dark Lord Day, a small festival celebrating a high gravity imperial beer. It was also the first time Woodrick met Piech's family. On this level, Woodrick had to navigate the maze of a factory while avoiding enemies.

    Piech paid close attention to the music for each level, too.

    Austin Piech

    Level four, seen here, was a throwback to their trip to Portland; it had “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out as its music, because it's the theme from Portlandia. When Lolo ran out of oxygen, the music changed to Sonic the Hedgehog's drowning music.

    The second-to-last level brought Lolo back home.

    Austin Piech

    "It features an 8-bit version of a song from My Neighbor Totoro, which was Lauren’s favorite movie when she was a child," Piech told BuzzFeed Life.

    It took Woodrick 25 minutes to tear through the game from beginning to end. It took Piech — the creator — an hour to beat it.

    "The game was modeled largely after Super Mario Brothers, which is an awesome game from a design perspective," Piech said. "The game has a perfectly modeled difficulty curve so that the player is gradually being introduced into more challenging elements. I thought I made the game hard. There's a water level, the AI has randomized behavior patterns, there are ground enemies, flying enemies, enemies that fire projectiles."

    On the last level, an avatar of Piech appeared.

    Austin Piech

    Little mariachis also appeared on screen and "Nosotros" by Hermanos Zaizar played in the background. "It was the song my grandfather proposed to my grandmother with," he said. Originally, he'd wanted to propose with an entire mariachi band playing the song, but he ended up folding that idea into the game.

    As Woodrick read this final screen, Piech pulled out an engagement ring.

    Austin Piech

    The game was a stunning success (Woodrick said yes, after all), but there were a few elements that Piech found too hard to program in. "I wanted Lauren to be able to shoot fireballs after eating spicy food from Amerasia, a Chinese restaurant around the corner from us. I also wanted to let her character be able to throw punches and kicks if she was able to find Lauren’s black belt," he said.

    Regardless, Woodrick clearly loved it, and Piech managed to capture her whole gaming experience on camera.

    View this video on YouTube

    He posted the story to Reddit last week while Woodrick was on a business trip, only hoping to share it with a few nerds. It now has almost a million views. "The reaction to the video has been stunning, we’re overjoyed to see that it’s making a lot of people happy."

    Such. A. Win.

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