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What Should You Never Say To A Pregnant Person?

Tell us the things you should *never* say to a pregnant person.

Pregnancy! It's a beautiful life stage, and a prime time to hear people say just the worst things to you.

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Like, saying anything about the size of your bump — whether it's "too big" or "too small" — is rude and a little worrying.

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If they say your bump is big, are they implying that you're eating unhealthy? If they say it's small, do they mean that your baby is underdeveloped? Either way, it's not worth commenting on because every body is different.

And asking what the baby's name is? Also a no-no.

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Some people don't want to share because they don't want to hear people's opinions, others have religious reasons, and either way, everyone will find out out what it is eventually.

Oh, and please do not bring up any birth horror stories you've heard.

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Chances are, if you're pregnant, you know birth won't be a walk in the park. Unless you have a helpful personal tip or two, just assume they've done their own research.

Tell us what you wish people would stop saying to you during pregnancy for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!