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These Pictures Show The Biggest Difference Between Parents And Grandparents

Fun stuff like this is what grandparents are for.

Five-year-old Dresden Manning and his grandmother Patricia Manning are pretty darn close.

Brandon Manning

"She is his favorite person, and he is hers," Dresden's father Brandon told BuzzFeed.

And like most grandmas, Patricia would do anything to make her grandson happy. So when she saw a bathtub challenge on Dresden's favorite YouTube channel, Guava Juice, she decided to surprise him with a challenge of his own.

Brandon Manning

"She has always been an amazing woman who encouraged fun and silliness, but being a grandma has definitely amplified that quality," Brandon said of Patricia, his mother.

Patricia's spaghetti bathtub challenge involved cooking 15 pounds of spaghetti, dyeing it five different colors, and throwing them into her tub for Dresden to play in.

Brandon Manning

Brandon said it took Patricia about three hours to cook the eight batches of spaghetti. "The coloring just required the already-cooked noodles to sit in a gallon Ziploc with water and food coloring," he added.

Needless to say, her effort and creativity were well worth it — Dresden loved his spaghetti bath.

Brandon Manning

"We probably would done it for him have if he asked, but I don't think that we would have done as good of a job," Brandon said. "That takes a grandma."

According to Brandon, Dresden spent "two hours squishing and giggling" in the tub.

Brandon Manning

Not only was it well-received, the messy-looking activity was relatively easy to clean.

Brandon Manning

"It only took about 10 minutes," Brandon said. "She had blocked the drain, so she just had to scoop it out."

Although the impressive amount of pasta had to be thrown out after the tub was drained because it was unsanitary to eat, Brandon said they plan to match the amount in a donation to a local food bank.

Brandon Manning

That idea came from a comment on Brandon's Reddit post.

Either way, the whole thing underscores the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren.

Brandon Manning

"Grandparents get to make their own rules, and the first one is usually that there aren't any rules," Brandon said. "They've earned the right to be able to make fun and love the focus of their lives. They are wonderfully crazy and crazily wonderful people."

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