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    These Are The Biggest Wedding Trends Of 2018, According To Pinterest

    BRB, going to wear a wedding cape every day.

    Every year, Pinterest releases a list of the latest wedding trends for your pinning and dream fake (or real!) wedding-planning pleasure.

    Here are some of the highlights from this year's report:

    1. Wedding dresses with capes. / Via

    Please don't tell Edna Mode (or Solange, who did this years ago), but Pinterest says wedding capes are IN, and searches for them are up 88% over the last year.

    2. Suspended flowers. / Via

    Searches for this beautiful way to be surrounded by pretty florals (and get pollen in your eyes) are up by 346%.

    3. Grooms in tie-free ensembles.

    Wesley Vorster / Via

    Men are chill, guys. So chill that searches for this lewk are up by 459%.

    4. Pretzel bars with all the dippin' sauces.

    Colette Kulig Photography / Via

    Wedding food bars are basically canon this point, but soft pretzels with lots of fancy condiments are apparently the newest iteration. Here for it.

    5. Messy updos and hair combs.

    El Style / Via

    A lot of people are apparently on board with the idea that wedding hair doesn't have to be perfect — searches for messy updos are up 1247%. Also, Ariel-approved hair combs are v hot right now.

    6. 3D invitations.

    Melissa Robotti / Via

    One could argue that all paper invitations are 3D, but fold-out ones like these are all the rage at the moment, according to Pinterest searches.

    7. Moissanite rings.

    BBB Gem / Via

    Searches for moissanite, a budget-friendly diamond lookalike, are up 294%, which means diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend. (Find some worth pinning here.)

    8. Metallic wedding cakes.

    Mikkel Paige Photography / Via

    According to Pinterest, rustic cakes are out, and modern ones like this are very in — searches for them are up 476% from 2017.

    9. Wedding dresses with high necklines. / Via

    Someday, turtleneck dresses will be rightfully trendy, but for now, high-necked dresses are where it's at.

    10. DIY confetti.

    Something Turquoise / Via

    Sure, cleanup from making all of this might be hell, but look how pretty!

    11. Jenga piece guest books.

    Jill Doty Photography / Via

    Searches for this interactive souvenir are up 216%.

    12. Courthouse weddings.

    Rebecca Wilkowski Photography / Via

    H...has Pinterest finally discovered that you can get married at city hall?!

    13. And one-of-a-kind arrivals.

    Turn Loose The Art / Via

    Looks like fun transports like scooters and boats are finally getting their moment in the wedding Pinterest sun.

    For more ~inspo~, check out Pinterest's full 2018 Wedding Report.