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These Awesome Grandparents Just Changed The Wedding Photo Booth Game

Bar = raised.

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But we bet you've never seen a photo booth picture as EPIC as this one.

Teale Photography / Via

Michael Riddering posted the perfect snapshot to Reddit last night after his friend William Weiss sent it to him. The priceless moment happened at Weiss's girlfriend's brother's wedding last Saturday.

Weiss told BuzzFeed Life that two of the people in the picture — the perfect couple below — are the groom's grandparents. The other folks are longtime friends of the grandparents.

Teale Photography / Via

Justin and Teale Gunter of Teale Photography sent it to the bride and groom, who wish to remain anonymous, as a sneak peek at their wedding.


"This was the first official wedding photo the bride saw," Weiss said. "She was laughing pretty freaking hard about it. It was sent it with no caption, just a dot dot dot."

Teale Photography / Via

Weiss also said that he's known his girlfriend's grandparents for four years, but he never expected to see them take a picture like this one. "It's definitely not their typical behavior. They are very respectful and when I saw the photo, I couldn't believe they did it."

Still, he says he shouldn't have been too surprised. At the Nashville wedding, the groom's grandmother was "a dancing queen, we can just put it that way," Weiss said. "She was out there dancing the entire night, and she was loving dancing with the groomsmen."