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25 Presents For People Who Fucking Love Stationery

Don't paper over their love.

1. A notepad that ensures maximum productivity.

2. A set of vintage airmail stationery.

The box it comes in is pretty awesome, too.

3. These badass pencils.

4. A pretty wooden box for all of their writing supplies.

5. A collection of super posh stamps.

6. A bunch of minimalist paper clips.

7. A calligraphy kit.

8. A wax seal set for perfect envelope closures.

9. An adorable set of flat notes.

10. A calendar that they can upcycle into wall art, file folders, note cards, and more.

11. A notepad that celebrates life's small victories.

12. A chalkboard pencil set for flawless lettering.

13. Cards that they can use on literally any holiday or event.

14. A fabulous glittery stapler.

15. A cube of classy AF sticky notes.

16. A guide for getting exquisite, hand-lettered envelopes every time.

17. A mousepad that doubles as a weekly planner.

18. A coordinating notebook and sketchbook.

19. The most beautiful legal pad you ever did see.

20. A set of cards that look like postage stamps.

21. Rolls of gorgeous washi tape.

22. A tin of push pins that won't put holes in everything.

You stick the pin into a bulletin board and then slide invitations, photos, and whatnot into the circle!

$15 for 50 pins on Etsy.

23. A metallic monogrammed notebook.

24. Coordinating flat notes and calling cards customized with their face on them.

25. And a stationery subscription that'll help them send the most tricked-out snail mail in history.