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    22 Undeniable Truths For Anyone Who's Obsessed With School Supplies

    ::shoves 8-year-old out of the way to get gel pens::

    1. The very idea of getting to finally go on that super-special, once-a-year excursion to buy school supplies gets you a little ~excited~.

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    2. And you'd never be the kind of monster who waits until the last minute.

    3. So when you get dat school supply list, it's GO TIME.

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    4. Walking in and seeing aisles filled with the stuff of your dreams is like being in actual heaven.

    5. But you inevitably have the harsh realization that you can't possibly buy everything you want — or, at the very least, all of the nicer versions of the stuff you want.

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    Bye-bye, multipack of Dr. Grip mechanical pencils.

    6. You take folder color selection very seriously.

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    There can only be one per class or subject.

    7. And limiting yourself to a reasonable number of notebooks is a herculean task.

    8. Mechanical pencils are your kryptonite, so you obviously always buy the 24 pack.

    Twitter: @KatieCave5

    Or maybe more than one.

    9. And pens? You could write an actual thesis on your favorite pen and why they must be bought in bulk.

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    10. Whether you buy Sharpies or a standard set of Crayola markers, it's quite possibly your most exciting purchase of all.

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    11. But nothing — and I mean nothing — compares to the Holy Grail of crayon boxes.

    Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

    12. Except these shits.


    13. You always buy the clear cover binders so you can customize them.

    14. Book-cover art is real and it's a skill you've obviously mastered.

    15. And when you get home, you spend hours admiring your haul.

    16. The night before the first day of school, you get all of your supplies together, and for a brief moment in time, you're the most organized person on earth.

    Twitter: @brittneybrieal

    Binder dividers, even if you were organized otherwise.

    17. If you have a locker, it is your pièce de résistance, and people travel far and wide to come admire it.

    @davidrickert7 / Via

    18. Because even if you don't *love* school, school-supply shopping is one part of late summer that really gets you going.

    19. You're a little possessive of your most prized possessions.

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    20. Nothing can quite match the feeling of breaking out all of your fresh supplies for the first time.

    21. Because you know that something like THIS will inevitably happen.

    AKA death.

    22. But you'll always cherish the memory of when everything was pretty and new — and anxiously wait until next year, when you can buy another batch of it.

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