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26 Things Only Washington, DC Area Natives Will Relate To

DMV for life.

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3. You've pissed off (or confused) a lot of people by saying you're from DC, because it's so much easier than naming your smaller town.

5. You had a love-hate relationship with the Metro, to put it lightly.

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PROS: Cool stations that look like outer space, a no-food policy. CONS: Expensive, gets you nowhere near your house, carpeted floors (???), unreliable times, crashes, escalators that go on for literally 30 minutes.

7. And when you got in your car, you'd listen to Hot 99.5 (except when it was live from Fur Nightclub), Elliot in the Morning, and Mix 107.3, among others.


Unless you were with your parents, who would listen to Oldies 100.3 or Soft Rock 97.1 exclusively.

10. You know the best pizza slices come in squares — Oprah and Gayle said so, after all.

Ledo Pizza

That is, unless it's from Armands, Vace, 2Amys, &Pizza, Jumbo Slice, Pizzeria Paradiso, or Mamma Lucia.

11. No burger will ever come close to the heavenly goodness that is Five Guys, the pride of the DC fast food scene.

12. If you were feeling adventurous, you'd go see a major artist (or local fave like OAR) at the 9:30 Club, aka the best small music venue in the country.

14. If you're old enough, you fondly remember spending time and money at places like Hecht's, Hechinger's, and Gifford's.

21. When you turned on the news, you discovered that George Michael wasn't just a singer.

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22. And you never understood how this guy held down a job as a newscaster.

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Why. Is. Pat. Collins. So. Melodramatic.

23. During local commercial breaks, you'd learn that your job is your credit.

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24. More importantly, when you traveled or moved away, you remembered that you actually have to pay to get into most world-class museums and zoos.

National Museum of American History, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

25. You always fly into National Airport (not Reagan, ugh) if you can because it has prettiest landing view in the entire world.

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