12 Nifty Ideas To Try This Month

    From party coolers to classroom decorations, here are all of the projects we're making in July.

    The BuzzFeed Nifty staff is always working on cool new DIY projects that are fun, creative, and actually useful — and we want to share the best of those awesome ideas with you! Each month, we'll post our projects, along with instructions, so that you can create cool stuff all month long.

    1. Ultimate Party Cooler

    2. Natural Furniture Stain

    3. DIY Classroom Command Center

    4. Cute And Creative Care Packages

    5. Rollaway Over-The-Bed Table

    6. IceLess Terra-Cotta Pot Cooler

    7. Sliding Frame TV Cover

    8. How To Clean The Tub Without Hurting Your Back

    9. Rain Gutter Garden

    10. Sliding Coat Rack

    11. 5 Create Ways To Organize Your Bras

    12. No-Sew Blackout Curtains