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New Parents, What Do You Want Your Friends To Know?

Tell us what anyone should know if their friends are having kids!

Becoming a parent is really, really hard.

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And it's even harder when your friends have no idea how to relate, what to do, or what to say — and it can be awkward telling them that!

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Maybe you wish they knew that as much as you love when they come over, they really shouldn't hang out for longer than an hour or two.

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You still want to hang out with your friends, but it can be hard!!

Or perhaps that it's great if you give the baby presents, but that it's even better if the presents are small and make no noise.

The best present of all? Offering to help do laundry.

Or maybe that getting a babysitter is incredibly expensive, so they shouldn't feel offended if you have to turn down or cancel plans.

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Tell us what you wish your friends knew about being a new parent for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!