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Netflix Is Getting Rid Of "30 Rock" In October, And I'm Having So Much Nerd Rage

What the what????

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Let's be real: Most of us spend about 30% of our time on Netflix watching new stuff, and the rest of the time watching TV shows and movies we've seen so many times we could quote them in our sleep.

But honestly, this should be illegal. 30 Rock is a Netflix standby for a reason! It's practically made for for multiple binges because you pick up on all of the little jokes and references and asides that you missed the first (or second or third or twentieth) time.


Plus, it's just hilarious and intelligent and escapist, but also incisive enough to point out how ridiculous things like politics and the entertainment industry are.

Watching 30 Rock is like hanging out with your oldest, smartest, most comforting friend who never fails to make you feel better. How dare you take that away from us, Netflix???

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