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    This Artist Got Over His Breakup By Making Gorgeous Artwork Out Of Nature

    They're called morning altars, and they're stunning.

    Artist Day Schildkret was getting over a bad breakup four years ago when he discovered the healing power of art and the healing power of nature.

    Schildkret makes what he calls "morning altars" by gathering stray twigs, flowers, pinecones and leaves, and turning them into beautiful works of art.

    Two hours after making his first one, he discovered he "made something really beautiful and I felt better,” Schildkret told Well + Good. “I realized, 'Oh, this is something that is so healing, healthy, and helpful.'”

    According to Schildkret's website, the altars started as "a daily spiritual and beauty-making practice as a way to process his grief and heartache."

    After his first one, he challenged himself to make one every day for 30 days — but four years later, his small project has turned into a passion and a career.

    Schildkret now has a popular Instagram, an online store where he sells calendars and prints, and a book of his work due out in October.

    Honestly, it's easy to see why. His dazzling creations are a celebration of life and nature.

    They're both intricate and calming at the same time.

    Some, like this one, are relatively small and simple.

    But others, like this one that was commissioned for a summit, are amazingly big.

    No matter what he creates, Schildkret says he wants his altars to show the fleeting beauty of nature. “That’s what my art is really teaching: how to love things because you know that they’re really limited."

    "To really love the beauty in life, and the beauty we’re making in the world is, at the same time, to understand the limitation of it."

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