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This Guy Proposed With An Amazing Custom Monopoly Board

He took a chance, passed go, and paid the ultimate luxury tax for love.

Justin Lebon and his fiancé, Michal Ott, are self-described homebodies who love a good game of Monopoly.

Lebon called on his friend, woodworker Mark Becker, to pitch his idea, and got to work on naming the custom properties.

Becker, who runs the Etsy shop Old Redwood, built the board in just over three weeks.

Naturally, the property names correspond to important places and events to Lebon and Ott.

Lebon thrifted for the money and the special gold pieces and houses.

Using the full game for the proposal, though, required an extra step of planning.

He used loaded dice, so that Ott would roll a seven and get to Chance on her first try.

When the big moment came, Ott fell right into Lebon's perfectly-laid trap.

You can be damn sure Ott said yes to Lebon's proposal.

For life.