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    21 Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads That Are So Pretty, You Might Sigh Out Loud

    White paper + black ink = bliss.

    1. This eye-catching weekly spread:

    @ajournalbyannie / Via

    2. This exercise log that makes stick figures look like a work of art:

    @marlenes_bujo / Via

    3. This absolutely gorgeous activity log:

    @mnmlyuu / Via

    4. This honestly stunning sleep and mood tracker:

    @flyingpaperwords / Via

    5. This incredibly simple yearly vacation day tracker:

    @my_simple_bujo / Via

    6. This inspired habit and sleep tracker:

    @bujototheminimal / Via

    7. This non-stress inducing packing list:

    @paperandlists / Via

    8. This list of date ideas that'll never let you run out of new activities:

    9. This lunar calendar I seriously can't look away from:

    @deskgraphy / Via

    10. This weekly spread with a little something extra:

    @kareninks / Via

    11. This minimalist monthly log:

    12. This clean and organized weekly spread:

    @reenshayjournals / Via

    13. This Instagram plan that you could actually stick to:

    @my_simple_bujo / Via

    14. This slick new way of doing a monthly log:

    @ramen___doodles / Via

    15. This appealingly straightforward daily:

    @thatbujokid / Via

    16. These sleep and mood trackers that use lines to great effect:

    17. This weekly spread I can't stop looking at:

    18. This absolutely lovely activity log:

    @bujojane / Via

    19. This beautiful gratitude log:

    @booksofnotes / Via

    20. This class schedule that sticks to the basics:

    @mnmlyuu / Via

    21. And this habit tracker that's actual goals:

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