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    Mermaid Workouts Are A Thing And They Look Incredibly Cool

    Why is it so mesmerizing?!

    Let's be real, who among us hasn't pretended to be Ariel while swimming around at some point?

    Disney / Via

    Those undulating body rolls! That tail!

    Well, we're all in luck, because there's a new workout series on YouTube that combines swimming with mermaid tails to create a full-body workout that looks actually incredible.

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    Fin Fun Mermaid Tails worked with USA Swimming–certified coach Christine Dustin to create the high-impact but joint-friendly fitness routine, which includes all of the flips, body rolls, and dolphin kicks we associate with mermaids.

    "Like swimming, mermaiding is a full-body workout, but it especially focuses on the core muscles," Dustin told SELF. "Water provides a resistance you don’t get on land, while also giving a low-impact environment that leads to few injuries. The workout strengthens your heart, increases your lung capacity, and improves your flexibility, [in addition to working muscles throughout] your entire body."

    The more than 50 colors and styles of tails come in children's and adult sizes, start at $34.95, and range from size XS to XL.

    Fin Fun Mermaid Tails / Via

    That all honestly sounds like a dream, but it's even more amazing in action, especially with a mermaid tail attached.

    Look at that dolphin kick!

    I could watch this forward somersault all day, tbh.

    This backwards one is equally mesmerizing.


    Get ready for a summer of mermaid tails and dolphin kicks!