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Madonna Helped A Couple Get Engaged In The Middle Of A Concert Last Night

The queen of pop united two ~rebel hearts~.

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She had Amy Schumer as an opening act.

And bowed down to spectacular butt, no less.

And, most important, she wears things like this that remind us why she's our queen to begin with.

Last night, she continued her reign of perfection by helping Jan and Chad, a couple standing in the front row of her Calgary concert, get engaged.

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After spotting them, she gave the microphone to Jan, who announced, "I love you with all my heart, Chad. Will you marry me, please?”

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<3 <3

Madonna's a longtime supporter of gay rights; she said in August that she'll never perform in Russia again due to Vladimir Putin's anti-gay policies.

Because love is real and they were given a spotlight by Ma-freakin'-donna, Chad said yes, they made out, and everything was beautiful.