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    Let This Puppy Proposal Help You Forget The World Is Going to Shit

    Happiness is a warm puppy with a ring on its collar.

    Hey, guys. Times are tough.

    Even in this festive holiday season, everything seems so... 😵😭.

    Quite frankly, it sometimes feels like we can't catch a goddamn break.

    But!!! Just when it seemed like things couldn't possibly get any worse, this puppy proposal video turned everything around.

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    Exhibit A: This veritable blob of chocolate that YouTube user Shelby Turner's boyfriend gave her.

    Shelby Turner / Via

    Like any human with eyes and a heart, Turner melts into tears when she meets her new present, completely unaware that it has an engagement ring attached to its collar.

    Her boyfriend repeatedly tells her to read the dog's name tag, but she doesn't really try, because chocolate lab puppy.

    When he finally shows her what's on the name tag, a fresh wave of tears rush through the gates.


    And then the poor mush allows itself to be enveloped in a hug. Puppies > people, always.

    So thank you, unnamed pooch, for reminding us of the scant good in the world for an all-too brief minute and 41 seconds. The presidential race is wide open, if you're interested.

    Shelby Turner / Via