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395 Easy And Brilliant Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Still Have Time To Make

Waiting until the last minute finally pays off, because these are actually great.

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Buckle up, my bad witches, because Halloween is almost here, and a lot of you probably still don't have a costume.

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The good news is that some of the best ones require almost zero effort, time, or skill! We rounded up a bunch of posts with scarily great last-minute ideas that'll probably make your friends wanna hex you out of jealousy.


This cactus costume looks intricate, but it's actually super doable (and warm). Attach pipe cleaners or yarn to your coziest green dress or sweatshirt with a hot glue gun, grab some faux flowers for garnish, and try not to let your arms get too tired making that cactus pose.,

Please, someone go as Damian from Mean Girls in this costume that'll take you two seconds to make. Get a blue hoodie, make a sign, throw on some sunglasses, and you'll be the talk of every Halloween party you go to.