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    Just 7 Really Nice Bullet Journal Spreads To Try In June

    Summer's here, and the time is right to set up some really pretty pages.

    If you keep a bullet journal, then you know that it's time to get your June spreads in order! We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community and looked around on Instagram and Reddit to see what everyone is making and tracking this month:

    1. This hive-inspired study tracker, for anyone who's in the thick of exams:

    "June = exam month, so I’m keeping a study tracker to motivate myself and to keep track! This month’s theme is all about summer because it’s extremely hot here in Belgium, so yellow and bees it is!" —quintyt

    2. This suitcase-themed travel countdown for all your summer trip plans:

    3. This circular chore matrix that'll be so satisfying once it's filled out:

    4. This clean, simple monthly spread, which is perfect for lavender month, aka June:

    "This is my June month at a glance! I like to make the boxes big enough to write a bunch in and I also incorporate my tracker into this spread by coloring dots that correspond with the habits into the boxes. June is a super busy month for me so it’s nice to keep everything organized!" —rheannam2

    5. This pleasingly minimalist weekly spread:

    6. This fun, different take on a habit tracker:

    7. And this upcoming releases spread, so you can keep track of all of the fun stuff coming out this summer:

    What does your June spread look like? Show us in the comments!

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