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    Ikea's Delivery Fees Just Got A Whole Lot Cheaper, And It's Such A Relief

    *immediately orders five Billy bookcases*

    Look, Ikea does a lot of things well — cute, affordable homewares, fun Swedish product names, and meatballs — but in the past, its delivery prices were sometimes as expensive as the products themselves.

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    The delivery fees varied depending on distance, but could often be as much as $99.

    But there is some vëry gööd nëws for Ikea lovers everywhere: delivery prices just dropped to as low as $9.

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    According to Ikea's website, delivery for large packages now ranges from $29-$59, while the small parcel delivery fee is just $9.

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    ^^You, running through Ikea after seeing this news.

    That means you can get a big ass sofa or full kitchen set (or both) sent to you for a very reasonable price.

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    And look, if you're scoffing because $59 still seems kinda high, remember that the $20 or $40 you save from the old delivery fee can be used to get a lot of lingonberry sauce.

    Or, y'know, whatever else you want to spend that extra cash on.

    This news, plus Ikea's recent acquisition of TaskRabbit, means that lining your home with Malm cabinets just got a whole lot easier — but you're still on your own if your relationship melts down while shopping there.


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