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    16 Disney Wedding Cakes That'll Make You The Happiest Person On Earth

    Some people found the way to bake a delicious cake.

    1. This perfect interpretation of what Snow White would look like as a cake.

    2. This refined take on the iconic Alice in Wonderland tea party.

    3. This gorgeous reimagining of the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

    4. This cake that's as magical as Cinderella's rags-to-ballgown transformation.

    5. This Little Mermaid-inspired cake that's swimming with pretty details.

    6. This Peter Pan cake that'll make you fly with childlike wonder.

    7. This minimalist "It's a Small World"-themed cake that's as beautiful as it is fun.

    8. This Tangled-themed cake that's good enough to climb up.

    9. This rustic Snow White-inspired cake that even the witch would approve of.

    10. This teacup cake that is literally perfect for Alice and her friends.

    11. This moody masterpiece that's made for Maleficent.

    12. This utterly regal cake that's ideal for Cinderella and Prince Charming.

    13. This elegant cake that will make you feel like a belle, not a beast.

    14. This delightful, topsy-turvy cake inspired by the one Sleeping Beauty's godmothers made for her.

    15. This Snow White-inspired cake whose prince will be here any day.

    16. And this unbelievably classy take on Frozen.