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Ohhhhhhh My God, This Wedding Photo

Love is canceled.

Listen, it is not often that a single image makes me speechless and clutch my pearls, but my god, Watson, this photo has done it.

I obviously have to share the photo with you. Are you ready? Make sure you're ready, because it's a real doozy.

OK. Without further ado, here it is.

In case you're adjusting your screen, yes, it's a picture of a bride simulating giving her new husband a blow job, surrounded by the kind of gorgeous leafy trees anyone would want dotting the grounds of their wedding venue.

I TOLD YOU IT WAS A HELLUVA PICTURE. The photographer, Michel Klooster, told BuzzFeed that the bride's mother suggested the pose, and boy did the newlyweds commit. Now, I'm not a mother-in-law nor am I married nor am I a wedding photographer, but I have rotated around the sun 27 times, and this seems a little unusual to me?!?!!??!

Anyway, here's an aerial view of the couple, for good measure.

I...I don't even know anymore. I just...did the bride's dress get dirty? Are they going to show this to their children and have a good har-har over it? Either way, here's a shot of the couple canoodling in a vintage truck.

There's no denying that the photographer is very talented and that this couple (and the mother of the bride) like to have a good time, but man, can weddings just chill a little??? Please?