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I Don't Care If It Makes Me Basic, I'm So Excited For The Royal Wedding

Meghan and Harry forever.

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There is literally nothing you can tell me that won't make me excited for it. I know it's basic, but simple joys like a member of a royal family and a, to paraphrase Lifetime's Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, "divorced American with a black mother," don't come around often, so I'm drinking it up like it's afternoon tea.

First of all, their relationship bundles so many of the things I love into one perfectly-coiffed, loved-up package.

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For starters, they are so happy and in love that it's impossible not to smile like a fool whenever you see photos or videos of them together. Love! What a gas! The Princess Diaries was by far the best part of my 2001, so it only makes sense that a real-life princess story has been the best part of my 2018.

Also, I pulled an all-nighter to watch William and Kate's wedding in college, so the prospect of another royal wedding in the near future is enough to get me through a lot of *gestures around* this.

Oh, and don't start with me on the whole 'but Meghan Markle will actually be a duchess' nonsense, because I don't live in the UK, so if I want to call her Princess Meghan, I damn well will call her Princess Meghan.


And! Like I mentioned before, Harry and Meghan aren't just any royal couple.

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I recently asked my coworkers, "If Harry was marrying one of his blonde socialite ex-girlfriends, would I care as much?" The answer was, unsurprisingly, no. As anyone who's watched The Crown or paid attention to British history knows, it hasn't always been so chill for the fifth in line for the throne to marry any old peasant they want. It was so scandalous for Princess Margaret to entertain the notion of marrying a divorced man in the 1950s that he got sent out of the country to end the relationship.

Not only is Meghan divorced, but she's also American, older than him, and, oh right, biracial. Their relationship is a living, breathing testament to modernity, to open-mindedness, and to love.

I, an American street rat, have no stock in the royal family sticking around, but there is something exciting about seeing such a staid institution basically throw up their hands and say "You know what? Fine."

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If acceptance can happen there, in a family built on colonization and classism, it can happen anywhere, right? At least that's what I, armed with the joy their engagement has given me, am hoping.

So, haters be damned. The royal family is far, far from perfect, and if the family drama leading up to this wedding is any indication, marrying into it is not a ticket to an easy, carefree life.

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But for a few hours on Saturday morning, the only focus for a lot of people will be love. What more could you ask for?