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    A Hairstylist Gave A Bride With Cancer The Hair Of Her Dreams

    This man proves angels are real.

    Nicole Zimmerman needed a wig for her wedding.

    Courtesy of Davion Anderson

    Zimmerman, who lives in Houston, has stage four kidney cancer and lost her hair during chemotherapy. Earlier this year, she realized she never received a wig she had won in a contest. She had set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a new one, but donations were trickling in slowly, if at all.

    When hair stylist Davion "Mr. A" Anderson learned about Zimmerman's plight from his cousin in February, he instantly knew he needed to help.

    Courtesy of Davion Anderson

    Anderson works at a salon and makes custom wigs in Houston — he even says he's made wigs for Beyoncé's backup dancers — but he says his true passion is giving the gift of hair to women who need it.

    "Imagine if this was your mother or sister. I grew up surrounded by women, and I know that if your hair or makeup isn't looking good, then you're not feeling good about yourself," he told BuzzFeed Life.

    In February, local station FOX 26 followed Anderson and Zimmerman as they met and discussed their plan for a wig for Zimmerman's October wedding.

    At the time, Anderson had no idea how advanced Zimmerman's cancer really was.

    He thought he had plenty of time to work on the custom wig, but Zimmerman called him two weeks ago with terrible news: Doctors said she likely wouldn't live to see her Oct. 25 wedding date.

    Courtesy of Davion Anderson

    She and her fiancé Fred had decided to get married as soon as possible at the hospital where she was being treated. Anderson wasted no time getting started on the wig, and managed to finish it within three hours the same day he got the call.

    Zimmerman had given him some inspiration images, but Anderson had a simpler goal in mind. "I wanted to make something that was going to make her feel good and look natural. Hair is healing," he said.

    Anderson assembled a glam squad for her in 24 hours; they, along with the DJ, caterer and florist, donated their services for the wedding.

    Courtesy of Davion Anderson

    On October 4, Zimmerman and Fred got married at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston; the bride was decked out in a wedding dress and the hair she'd been dreaming of.

    Courtesy of Davion Anderson

    FOX 26 in Houston aired Zimmerman's story and footage of her wedding last week, and the video has since gotten more than 15 million views on Facebook.

    All the attention has shed light on Defining Your Own Beauty, a foundation Anderson started to make wigs for women in need.

    Courtesy of Davion Anderson

    He said that more than 300 women from Texas to China and Dubai have e-mailed him inquiring about his services since the piece aired. The reaction was so fast and so strong that he hasn't had time to build a website.

    His goal is to tour around making every sick or in-need bride feel beautiful, but helping Zimmerman hit particularly close to home.

    Courtesy of Davion Anderson

    "We got so close throughout this process that she listed me as family on Facebook," he said.

    Zimmerman is now in hospice care, but, Anderson said, she's still wearing her wig.

    Courtesy of Davion Anderson