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    Someone Spray-Painted A Promposal In A National Park And Dfjgdjshfg


    Even the most wizened of old crows can appreciate a good promposal every now and then.

    They can be downright genuine, creative, and adorable!!!

    Shaedon Wedel

    But they can also be ill-thought out and potentially illegal. Case in point: This message, spray-painted riiiiight onto a rock in California's Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, a protected landscape.

    I just...

    Comedy Central / Via

    The park's Facebook and Twitter pages posted the photos, plus a message from someone named Ranger Zach that politely asks youths not to deface public lands in their quest to find someone to slow dance to "My Heart Will Go On" with.

    Also, this is the SECOND year in a row someone has had this idea?! This kid isn't even an original public nuisance!

    CBS / Via

    To anyone contemplating doing this next year, might we suggest a poster? Training your dog to poop the letters P-R-O-M? Anything other than this?

    Ranger Zach said in a comment that the rock has since been cleaned, but the paint is still somewhat visible.

    Facebook: santamonicamtns

    Ranger Zach deserves better than this.

    There's no word on whether the intended said yes or no to the dubious promposal, but hopefully they didn't graffiti their answer onto another rock.


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